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Religious Studies - GCSE

GCSE Religious Studies follows the AQA syllabus, focusing on two units of study: Christian Ethics and Buddhism. Students will be assessed through two examinations, one on each unit. The variety of the AQA syllabus allows for a depth of understanding of both historical and contemporary issues. For example, major topics include: rites of passage, moral issues, religious scriptures, founding moments and basic teachings.

In addition, there is also an opportunity to visit a Buddhist Temple and a Christian Church. 

Religious studies is a highly-valued GCSE which allows students to develop a variety of skills including: communication, problem solving, working with others, discussion, evaluation, enquiry and thinking skills. Students who take Religious Studies GCSE go on to a multitude of careers including: 

  • Teacher
  • Social Researcher
  • Youth worker
  • Charity officer
  • Information officer
  • Journalist
  • Publishing
  • Local council / government
  • Administration
  • Broadcasting



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